Digital brand building and unique user experiences.

What you get.

Brand websites

Digital brand building & unique user experience.

We create and design for the world and distribute globally. And we work very closely with local clients to create tailored solutions.

Creating websites with a strong focus on consumer centric content has been one of our key businesses over the last 20 years. Therefore we put a lot of work not only into designing and developing but especially into improving and accelerating the maintenance of websites to work cost and time efficiently. Furthermore, continuous optimization for the highest possible ROI and to improve the overall KPIs is that one important thing we’re pushing our clients to do. We are process leaders and that’s why not only do we apply processes to our projects but also to our team itself. Our development team has improved efficiency even more since working in agile sprints while our design department is relying on Atomic Design principles when it comes to designing websites and other UX-/UI products these days. This way they not only max out their own capacity but even reduce development and maintenance time for our development team and other partner agencies we’re working with.

Social media

Nobody is waiting for your marketing ads.

The starting point for any social media activity begins with respect for the platform and for the audience.

Social platforms have become the holistic solution or escape to satisfy all your target group’s interests. From private to political topics, informational to social interest – it’s all potential competition for your brand. In addition, being that watching a brand’s video on Facebook or Instagram is optional for the user, the relevance and approach of the content is crucial. That’s why the content we produce is brand building, simple and memorable. Most importantly, it’s interesting, rewarding, fun or impacts lives – or all 4 together. In other words, it’s mobile advertising that actually doesn’t suck. No matter if we help our brands be a part of the community on Instagram or just to be an advertiser on Facebook, our strategy will always take advantage of playing a channel with all given enhanced media targeting and retargeting opportunities, achieving one main goal – brand awareness.

Amazon & eCommerce

We pioneer new possibilities of eCommerce marketing.

No company wants to get their media budget wasted, right?

Doing MPO work is a time-consuming process that involves tweaking a large number of attributes in order get the best SEO performance possible and to create or adapt quite an amount of eCommerce-only assets, especially on Amazon. Yet it’s so important and rewarding that no one should miss this opportunity. Cause no company wants to get their media budget wasted, right? We want to make sure that data optimization for eCommerce platforms stays on top of our clients’ priority lists. For us, these tasks are among our top priorities. Marketplace optimization is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring and maintenance and our optimization team is ready to do the job. Besides these more analytic tasks we also take the opportunity to constantly design state-of-the-art Amazon templates and create assets such primary and secondary product images A+ content etc. As a result we gained a lot of hands-on expertise and insights that always benefit the next project to come. By combining our own insights with competitive monitoring and shopper insights, we tailor each of our Amazon templates perfectly to key product benefits and deliver the relevant information as effectively as possible. Besides all of this traditional MPO work we also pioneer new possibilities of eCommerce marketing together with our clients and brands.

From standard to smart.

There is a general consumer anger: banners are annoying, unpopular and people really don‘t want to watch ads. It’s no wonder there are so many ad-blockers out there.

Here at ARTUS, we focus on ideas, creativity and relevant content to optimize the experience for consumers. It’s extremely important for us to understand the consumer’s behavior, in order to deliver the ad in the right context and at the right time. Beside that we are using latest technologies during the creation process, e.g. automatic banner creation. If it’s about media planning, we closely cooperate with our brands’ media agencies to connect the expertise of both parts: media and creation.

The connection to communication.

Analysing what consumers are looking for and the creation of strategies around it is part of our daily business.

At ARTUS, SEO doesn’t come as the last action before any golive but is an integral part of our content creation and development process. Analysing what consumers are looking for and the creation of strategies around it is part of our daily business. When writing copy first and optimizing it for search afterwards, the quality often sinks. Our copywriting has search in mind from the very start. However, as the framework for search is changing constantly on many fronts and at the same time consumer behaviour is evolving, we are monitoring, optimizing and testing on an on-going basis – for Google, Amazon and YouTube. When it comes to SEA, ARTUS works closely with search agencies on strategies and delivers the necessary assets. Last but most certainly not least, looking at Google data and analysing the keywords used for visiting our websites is one of the most important key activities to help comprehend consumer intent – the starting point for any successful optimization conversion. Nevertheless, as a brand builder we’d ideally like to say: In a perfect world, the user already uses the brand’s name as part of the search term – so let`s make this happen more often!

Seamless across channels.

We always aim to make campaigns and overall brand building a multichannel experience.

Surprisingly, a great deal of optimization activity is still focused on isolated touchpoints. Contrary to this, data shows that a typical journey from catch-to-close isn’t carried-out within one user’s website session or even looking at one banner. The majority of  consumers hit multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. Therefore, we always aim to make campaigns and overall brand building a multichannel experience. Our strategy is about providing consistent and unique brand content and experiences across multiple touchpoints, whilst simultaneously keeping the context in mind and delivering the content that is relevant, depending on the platform and user intent. New technologies, especially data-driven targeting and retargeting, create an ever-increasing potential to run strategic, omnichannel experiences.

Give love, get love back!

Loyalty is not something a consumer does for the brand but something brands have to prove to their consumers in every interaction they have.

Taking things a step further, brands rely more on consumer advocacy than ever before. As a result, we have been predominantly focusing our brand work on eCRM, over recent years. From delivering consumer service on social platforms on behalf of our clients and individual newsletter programs, to robust loyalty platforms. In the meantime, technical aspects like, e.g. the mechanical integration of all touchpoints on and offline are key factors for success, especially as the younger target groups are crying out for more: they are loyal to brands that share their values. Therefore, we don`t only see eCRM as something focusing on platforms and functionality but as one of the most relevant building blocks of digital brand building, defining the brands cultural identity, lifestyle and credibility.

Capability overview

What you get. In a nutshell.

Content creation:

Brand strategy
Campaign ideas and strategy
Channel strategies
Content strategy
Copy writing

Photo creation
Video creation
Community management
Real time brand building

Experience Design:

User intent analysis
User journeys
Atomic Design
E-Commerce templates
A+ templates

Banner creation
Newsletter creation
Social Media asset creation

Data & Models:

Google Analytics
Google Data Studio
Facebook Analytics
Instagram Analytics
Product information management